We share summarised posts to our Instagram which are hopefully quick snapshots of what is going on in the world!

On the econdiscuss Instagram site, we generally try and find the optimum between having fun (which is the aim) and being informative. We do cover a range of views and controversial topics on occasion with no intention of offending anyone (we are always open to different views and debates!).

What we post!

Econdog: One of our most popular posts, which is really a bit of joke. Simply, we post photos of dogs and then write a (somewhat) funny caption related to economics.

Word of the Week: To improve the understanding of terminology and jargon, we produce a word of the week to help bridge to the gap suggested by a YouGov survey. It’s also handy for A-level students.

News: We often post content on things in the news related to economics. Such posts cover a range of topics from politics to humanitarian crises. The aim is to simply any economics in the news!

Short(ish) reads: We post interesting reads on a variety of fun topics. Again, normally related to what is going on in the news, with a slight emphasis on economics issues.

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