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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited to Study at University

A Year 13 Student’s Expectations of Studying at University Written by Seo Hyun (Katie) LeeFounder of STAY ECON 9 September 2020Reading time: 4 minutes STAY ECONWebsiteInstagramLinktree Snapshot Before going to university, did you ever wonder what your university life would be like? As a student entering Year 13, I inevitably have to look beyond the sixth…

Eat Out To Help Out

Reading time: 4 minutes There is a popular adage in economics which is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But what about one that’s half price?

A Return to Austerity?

This article explains the myths and factors that led to the strict austerity policies across advanced economies following the 2008 financial crash. In addition, it discusses why the UK probably won’t return to austerity during the Covid-19 crisis.

What’s happening in Hong Kong?

The announcement of China’s new national security law for Hong Kong has called into question the “one country, two systems” principle that outlines Hong Kong’s distinct political & judicial autonomy. Furthermore, the legislation undermines many of the civil liberties that Hong Kongers were guaranteed under the Sino-British Joint Declaration. This article aims to provide an…

Racism and the US Incarceration System

Recent events have, again, highlighted the shocking fact that racial discrimination, police brutality and a systemically racist system still exists today. We thought it was only right, if we attempted to shine a light on one very prevalent example of racism through the US incarceration system. Although no essay can fully do justice to this…

Mickey Mouse Economics

Reading time: 6 minutes Considering 2020 has been depressing regarding cancellations and closures, the recent announcements by The London Resort to build a mega theme park, dubbed the ‘UK Disneyland’, has got me buzzed! Since the announcement, I thought I’d discuss the interesting ways Disney chooses to price their resorts as it’s quite a good…

Economics of Boxing

Reading time: 7 minutes Since nobody is getting a boxing fix in lockdown, and there are constant reminder of fights that have sadly been delayed till later in the year, such as Usyk vs Chisora and Dubois vs Joyce, let’s talk about boxing!

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