What’s happening in Hong Kong?

The announcement of China’s new national security law for Hong Kong has called into question the “one country, two systems” principle that outlines Hong Kong’s distinct political & judicial autonomy. Furthermore, the legislation undermines many of the civil liberties that Hong Kongers were guaranteed under the Sino-British Joint Declaration. This article aims to provide an overview of the tensions between China and Hong Kong.

Racism and the US Incarceration System

Recent events have, again, highlighted the shocking fact that racial discrimination, police brutality and a systemically racist system still exists today. We thought it was only right, if we attempted to shine a light on one very prevalent example of racism through the US incarceration system. Although no essay can fully do justice to this sensitive issue, we hope it encourages all to partake in actions to bring about an end to systemic racism.

A useful guide for understanding the coronavirus numbers

Reading time: 4 minutes
A brief insight into the meaning of the graphs related to the coronavirus deaths we see in the news each day.